Basic Vitamins, Amino Acids & Minerals
(Combat Malnutrition)

  • Oil is A High Frequency Shield  recent studies show that flu like symptoms can be relieved with the right essences.
  • Anti Microbial Formula  Creating excellent value for our clients through our unique style of blending nature.
  • Mineral Boost with Natural ingredients that Strengthen your immunitysystem!

Boosting Our Immune System is Key... but it's Time to Talk About The Problem.

At frequencies between 100 kHz and 6 kHz, the SAR limits take precedence over field strength and power density reference levels and shall not be exceeded.

 SARS= Specific Absorption Rate Syndrome. 

This is what is on charge of transferring energy, specifically lung transfer.

The SAR is a measure of the rate at which electromagnetic energy is absorbed in the body. Basic restrictions for SAR are intended to prevent the occurrence of thermal effects from RF energy exposure on the body.  People buy into products, not solutions...

“So all this MERS, SARS and COV are related to emf radiation. Period. There is no virus that is transmissible. Oil is an insulator and repels EMF signals.”

How much time do you want to spend on the fear base that the media has nested for all of us in these days?  Do not fear, we all know this is staged...  yet  energetic transition is still possible from 5G turrets and while the people panic... more are being built by the day.

Frequency Growth

The measured frequencies of essential oils begin at 52 MHz, the frequency of basil oil, and go as high as 320 MHz

100% Natural

A mineral rich super alkaline oil that has an amazing healing power. Made from the oils and herbs we eat, it is totally safe and natural.

Profit With Us

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" Personally Seen How People Get Stronger!"

   "Good Samaritan company has some new products to help with viral defense as well as a new mask spray which is getting great reviews. Much love to all and remember sunshine is a disinfectant as well."

- Flash Gordon 

So how do Good Samaritan Oils enhance health?

How Does it work?

Good Samaritan Healing oils boost the immune system

Immunity boost oils are made using only the purest oils, incense and herbs. By using our exclusive "Flash Infusion" process, we infuse the vitamins, minerals and turpenes directly into the actual oil itself for delivery by topical or oral use.

Our oil is absorbed directly into the skin, and into the bloodstream. Your skin being the largest organ of the body, the surface area allows for faster delivery of nutrients to the area of concern. 

     The infused Frankincense  and Myrrh deliver concentrated minerals and help increase blood flow and relieve inflammation which is the source of pain. These same resins were given to the prince of peace when he was given to us the day of the 3 wise men...

Amazing oil infusion Technology 

All Natural skincare/pain relief oil
Made in the U.S.A

Is Good Samaritan for me?

Relieves Flu and Other Symptoms

Use these Blends for You and your loved ones Immune System

G.S. Oil is worth a pound of prevention.

"Let your head never lack Oil."

Each one of our products has been created to boost our immune system, some in spray, others in balm, and also in a super concentrated oil form! These products turn dull immune systems into living defense shields against viral and high energy vibration invaders...

Used topically, oral, or as nasal & ear drops: Relieves Cold & Flu symptoms * Headaches * Anti-Viral * Anti-Fungal * Anti-Bacterial * Immune Boosting * Heals & Disinfects Wounds * Stops Bleeding * Increases Circulation * Reduces Inflammation * Relieves Pain* Joint & Muscles * Bug Bites * Arthritis * Gout * Cold & Flu Defense * Kills Intestinal & Skin Parasites * Boosts Brain Function * Calming & Relaxing * Muscle Cramps * Sprains & Breaks * Spider Bites * Blood Alkalizing * Relieves Cold & Flu symptoms * Headaches * Toothaches * Much, Much more....

"My knee caps did not ache. IT WORKED!"

"I am very skeptical about any type of topical ointments because they all say they work and you pay the money, take it home, and the only thing different is the amount of money you started with! I have to be very honest right now and please understand that NO ONE is paying me or endorsing me to say this. I was given an ointment tonight at the Citrus County Fair and those who know me, know very well that I have knee pains due to a motorcycle accident. I came to my booth and sat down to eat dinner. While sitting down and grunting as i always do when my knees bend, i decided to give the oil a rub on both my knee caps. Believe me when I tell you that within 20 seconds of rubbing it in, i stood up in disbelief. I did not know what just happened! My knee caps did not ache and i was able to squat down just to make sure it wasn’t psychological. IT WORKED! I don't know how but it worked and i’m in awe. If you were going to try anything just to try... i recommend trying this ointment from Good Samaritan! You will not regret it!"

- Endrick Lekay

"Tendon Surgery pain relieved very fast!"

"Bought some at the flea market in Orlando and my wrist/hurts from tendon surgery and it actually relieved the pain very fast...its a miracle!! Will be buying more for sure!!!!"

- Kristylee Lockwood

"Smells & tastes great and is a fast acting pain reliever."

"Awesome product with amazing results. Good Samaritan oils are great for relieving arthritis/ joint pain, muscle tensions, burns/ sunburn, wounds/ sores, acne/ psoriasis, cuts and scrapes. It is also an immune booster and anti-bacterial. It can also be used on bug bites and as a repellent. This blend of essential oils can be used topically and orally. Smells & tastes great and is a fast acting pain reliever. All ingredients are 100% natural and organic. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who can benefit from it."

- Ryan De'Felice


"99% Of American People are deficient in Minerals, and a marked deficiency in any one of the more important Minerals actually results in disease."

- U.S. Senate Doc.#264

How much time do you want to spend on the fear base that the media has nested for all of us in these days?  Do not let them damage your loved ones, we all know this is staged...  yet  energetic transition is still possible from 5G turrets and while the people panic... more are being built by the day.


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