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Eagle Wings, the most decorated member of the Bald eagle family, was in no way "sought after" by our forefathers. In fact, when they were extinct, no one wanted to eat them alive. Now we have restoration experts who can recreate the Bald eagle's majestic appeal. Bald eagles have always been an object of fascination. The story behind their flight from the Stone Age to our own time is as varied as the men who brought them there.

Archaeological evidence indicates that Bald Eagles began to carve beautiful images thousands of years before our era. They were depicted by artists as being majestic, powerful, and mysterious. A carving of a Bald Eagle from the site of the Iron Age showed a man holding the eagle above his head with the wings spread wide above his body. The story told by the first Europeans to visit the British Isles indicated that Bald Eagles lived on the islands of Hockney and Iona and often visited Ireland.

Bald Eagles have always been considered to be magical and mystical. Even today, stories abound about their courage and ability to fly. One of the most well known of these stories relates how a young man was being attacked by a bear. He shouted and hollered down to the bear, "My God, please, let me live!"

The bear ignored him and continued on his walk. As the bear approached too close, the eagle shouted again, "Please, come down!" The bear did and the eagle, smiling, gently picked the poor creature up and flew off into the wilderness. This, some believe, was the beginning of the legends of the eagle's powers.

Bald Eagles, golden eagles, or golden retrievers - they are all synonymous with flight. In early American history, the Wright Brothers made a good use of the bird's capabilities. They constructed a small airfield in Massachusetts using wood, fabric-covered plywood, and a framework of poles and wooden ribs. They attached skis to the underbelly of their plane and, with the help of a friend, managed to get the craft to the top of the airfield.

Over the years, flight stories have come to light about many other daring acts that the ancients would not dream of. There are stories of gold eagles stealing fire from the enemy and carrying it away. They are said to have carried water and carried camels carrying water to the enemy. If you have an interest in ancient flight, there are several books and websites devoted to the subject. In particular, if you want to try out for the Arizona State Athletic League, you can contact the Arizona State University's Department of Aviation.

The eagle has been depicted in many different forms. In Egyptian art, there are images of the feathered creature with its wings spread wide above the body. In Greek art, there are representations of eagle attacks on enemy vessels. In modern times, the United States armed forces use eagle rays as training devices. And the Chinese will often use eagle pluming, a form of attack used in the great China Fireball battle.

As you can see, eagle wings are as much a part of military history as they are of popular culture. Whether you are interested in flying these birds, collecting them or learning about their interesting history, there is a lot that you can learn from flight stories. If you are looking for a hobby, you might even consider starting a collection of them. Regardless of whether you are interested in ancient or modern flight, you can find many fascinating things about eagle wings.

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