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If you ask most Bible scholars what the perfect person is they will mention a character like the Good Samaritan. For years after the death of Christ many Christians have cited this as a perfect example of faith. The problem is that the Bible doesn't state that the Samaritan was a good person.

Good Samaritan work

There is no mention of any kind of goodness in this parable. In fact, God is credited for the fact that the Samaritan did not sin at all. This makes it easy for some to condemn the Samaritan for not being a good person at all. But the Bible does not make this fact a point of debate. Instead, all the authors of the Bible leave it up to interpretation to be able to determine what exactly the historical figure meant by what he said. This is one of the reasons why there are so many scholars and interpreters still working in the field of religion today.

However, the book of Ruth features a more detailed and complete history than most books because it is a book of only eleven books. While this is not a very large book, there is more material included than in most histories. It tells the story of Ruth, her mother and husband and her family for approximately forty years before Jesus' arrival. As is common during Bible stories, there is genealogical information included as well as a narrative of how Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem to seek the birth of Jesus.

This book tells the birth story of Jesus and why He Is the son of Yahuah. The author tells how Joseph and Mary had an angel send the child to them on their way to Bethlehem to be born. In addition, the author tells of the three children that Joseph and Mary had, Jesus, and the mother of Jesus, Mary. Mary was pregnant while she was in the house cleaning the home of her cousin, Benjamen. After Benjamen was born, Mary left to visit her sister, the Virgin Mary, who remained at home.

The book ends with Mary and Joseph, returning to the home of their relative, Benjamen. During the night, a dark and mysterious figure tries to force Mary to drink from the holy waters, but she refuses, and the next morning, she and Joseph go to search for clues of the crime. They manage to find a clue in the shape of a haggard old man, who identifies himself as the owner of the grotto where Mary and Joseph believe they are resting. The grotto leads them to Haniel's home, which turns out to be the site of the murder.

Haniel is locked in a cell, but soon finds himself the victim of a knife wound inflicted by Mary's husband Joseph. Haniel manages to escape and Mary's killer attempts to kill Mary, but she has herself killed by Joseph before he can do so. In order to cover up the entire situation, Mary keeps her husband locked up in the basement. Haniel sets a trap for Mary and captures her killer, who turns out to be Dr. Maxwell, an ex-lover of Mary's who wants to get back together with her.

Haniel and Maxwell become partners in crime, and Haniel is slowly gaining control of the criminal life in Chicago. He is assisted by Mary's best friend, Alice, who thinks she can help them stop the killer. But when Alice falls overboard and is found dead, it will be too late for Haniel. Injured and scared, he runs away to ask for help from a man he barely knows. It is here that he learns the true meaning of friendship and that the killer is more than just an attacker - he is someone who has taken a dark, morbid interest in Alice.

The movie follows Haniel's struggle to clear his name while Alice struggles to accept her untimely death. I'm not going to try to explain every scene in the movie but I will tell you one scene that I found extremely interesting... it occurs near the end when Alice is telling Haniel that she forgives him for hurting her back in their first encounter. It was this scene that left the seed; the pain to be undertaking just to save this one life was graphic, honest and totally unnecessary. The way Alice felt toward Haniel points us to why we are here as humans; to serve one another, that is what society is about. It's hard to find movies anymore that make spread salvation, but "Alice" definitely ranks up there.

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