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In Obadiah it doesn't speak about Messiah coming alone, it speaks about thousands of people.
The amount of revelation pouring down is going to be equivalent to the amount of damage these "defiling juices" are doing and spreading among the people to label them and destroy them.

Functionality will be differentiated by those whose heart is melting because of oxide from those who are receiving the fullness of the Ruach. This gap will be huge, it will separate the rich cursed man into the fires of Gehenna from Lazarus, the one who died out of hunger when being despised by the punished sinner.

"Time to see who the people of Yah are, lets see whose law will win in the end... may the wars break out, may the peace be taken away for the Father wants judgments that way, hand that restrains go away... Father wants to test Yaakov;
    - Who will serve mammon?
    - Who will serve the king?

Let Yashar'el rejoice in him that made him: let the children of Tsyion be joyful in their King.
Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.
For Yahuah takes pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with Yeshua.
Let the Qodeshim be joyful in Shekinah: let them sing aloud upon their beds.
Let the high praises of El be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand;
To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people;
To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;
To execute upon them the judgment written: this honor have all his qodeshim. HalleluYah!      [Tehlihim 149]

"I am not going to be ashamed of my King anymore, I open my gates and struggle to be the best host, a song of ascent.
I dont care; this is my superpower, I will not forsake my Father, this is why I contend against evil."

"Its going to get 7 times hotter in this place, we can withstand the fire, the forth one in the fire; the spirit of EliYahu wants to break through!"

Keeping the light turned on and having enough oil is a necessity in the times we are living in; frankincense and myrrh are the two most amazing natural healing resins that you can get, most valuable and priceless, they where brought to Messiah for a purpose, Yahuah does not waste words nor did he have wise men travel across the middle east just to bring 3 things without purpose.

When you mix frankincense and Myrrh together it creates new terpenoids that did not exist before, it decreases in certain compounds to increase in powerful new ones called "super anti inflammatory" this removes poison from the body.

Nevertheless injected poison called "booster" will change peoples psyche, it will give a QR-code, it will place a patent and a digital token will be tied to the digital carbon print to do anything corporations want through the internet connection; energy banks, batteries for their realm.

"They were stoning me in Jerusalem because of what I speak"

"in 2013 legislation was passed that if a vaccine changes the recipient, the recipient will become trans-human [no longer human], patented genome owned by overseas third party corporations that will claim ownership through a product number."

"People who already have taken the vaccine... I'm scared to death that it might be to late for them, it has already perverted the temple of Yahuah. Some of the early ones that had taken the vaccine are saying that they hear Yahuah no more"

The Most High states in the qodesh scrolls that he hates sorcery [Pharmakia], yet in this age.. world populations flock to the temples of science [hospitals] claiming to believe in science while offering their little ones to the corporative experimentation violating section 4, 6, 7 & 10 of the International Nuremberg Codes [1947].

"Love not the world, nor anything in it"

The living Elohim has me bringing judgments everywhere now, he has me going into the system, doctors, everywhere... He wants he's children to come home now, Babylon has fallen, the time of judgments has come.

Since the times of Yahushua it was said; "Go Out Anoint the Sick and Heal Them". His disciples did that so they must have had oil. And remember, when Messiah died... Marry went to go make oil with spices and herbs; they knew how to make the oil.

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GOOD SAMARITAN OIL is designed for uses on all type of wounds, pain or skin issue. It helps disinfect wounds while helping relive pain and inflammation fast. The Oil works on a cellular level delivering essential nutrients and fatty acids to every cell it encounters, even into the bones themselves. It also neutralizes poisons and helps the body process them. Completely Biodegradable, natural and good for internal or external use. Surface Wounds: Cuts, Scrapes, Burns, Bug Bites, etc. : Apply 2 to 5 drops of Biblical Oil directly to the wound 2-3 times daily.

Internal Joint or Arthritic Pains: Rub 4-5 drops of Biblical Oil onto one or both hands, then gently rub onto the affected area. Within 2 to 5 minutes, you should feel a tingling sensation, and within 5 to 10 minutes the pain should go away completely or minimize to bearable. The more you use the more the pain will diminish, so if you don’t get complete relief the first application, wait 30 minutes and apply it again. It normally lasts 6-12 hours per use.

Muscular, Tendons, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Sunburns, etc.: Rub 4-5 drops of Biblical Oil onto one or both hands, then gently rub onto the affected area. Within 2 to 5 minutes, you should feel a tingling sensation, and within 5 to 10 minutes the pain should go away completely or minimize to bearable.

Biblical Oil Therapy: This was developed to maximize transmission of benefits & necessary nutrients directly into your body in a large dose to fight chronic diseases, detoxify cells, boost circulation, reduce inflammation, kill germs and bacteria, help alkalize the blood and boost magnesium levels in one application:

Directions: Take a hot shower/bath as normal, but don’t dry off yet.

Use 3-5 ml of Biblical Oil and spread lightly over your entire body in the following manner: put 5 drops of oil in one palm, gently spread to both hands, and lightly spread over both arms, do this twice. Repeat process on head and face, torso, groin and buttocks, legs and feet. Gently blot dry with a towel. (the shower is not required, but great for detoxifying cells) preferably before bed. Prepare to crash hard the first time you do this… You will sleep like a baby for 8-12 hours straight…

Fight Severe Disease: Recommended 1-2 times per day for 2 weeks for serious Diseases like and Cancer, Diabetes, chronic full body pain, severe arthritis, etc.

Immune Boosting: Recommended 2-4 times per month (once weekly) will help boost your immune levels and disease fighting ability.
Relieve Stress, Detoxify Cells & Sleep like a Baby: Use desired or needed for relaxation and sleep. We Recommend the Biblical Oil Therapy highly, but just 10-20 drops rubbed anywhere on the body will do the same.

Toothaches: Put 2-4 drops directly on the tooth or 4-5 drops rubbed on the cheek from outside.

Food Allergies / Ulcers: 10-20 drops by mouth

Sinus Allergies / Flu / Colds: 2-3 drops up each nostril, snort.

Vertigo: 2-3 drops in each ear before bed (preferably)

Power Of Oil | Keep Your Light Shining

“You will know that you have the fire because you will have agitation and peace, have compassion on the sick, the people that have been sick are wealthier than the rich.””Water and oil helps the body recover, it helps heal and reduce inflammation 4 times faster, put the oil on your body every day after

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