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The mark of the beast is most likely one of few Bible topics that the entire world knows about, and yet there are so few individuals who actually know the truth about what the mark of the beast actually is. Some believe it is the number 666. Some believe it is a tattoo. With the majority believing it is some kind of physical mark like a microchip. 

And why do the majority believe it is a physical mark?

Since the word mark in Revelation 13 Really means a mark. However this is flawed logic. So let us look at this logic for a brief moment to show how it's flawed. Now if you look at the original meaning of those beasts, you'll see that they're actual beasts. In addition, in Revelation 17 we find a prostitute woman riding a beast, and if you have a look at the original meaning, again you'll see that it's an actual woman riding a wild beast.

Wild beasts roam the earth causing the world to worship them?

And may we expect to see a prostitute woman riding a wild beast too, seducing the kings of the earth to give her their support? Well, if this was a Hollywood film, then maybe it would work... however this is real life and we know this isn't going to be the case. The thing is, the book of Revelation is full of symbolic language, and we can't just accept the literal meaning of all of the words found in that book. This also applies to the mark of the beast.

Simply since the word mark means a literal mark, does not mean the mark in real life will be a literal physical mark. So rather than just guessing what the mark of the beast is,
we must use the Bible to interpret itself and allow it explain what the mark is.

What's the Mark of the Beast?

So what's the mark of the beast? let's first confirm that we firmly believe the beast mark can't be just a physical mark like a microchip or tattoo design or ID card.

Why? There is big problems with this belief.

First, in Revelation 13: 14 it says that deception is involved with this issue. Revelation 13: 14 ."And deceived 
them that dwell on the earth by the mean of these miracles that he had power to do in the sight of the beast."

Now where is the trick in forcing individuals to take a physical mark like a microchip?

 Satan is the arch deceiver and he's not simply going to force individuals to take a physical mark.

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