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(Natural News) If there has ever been more fake research, skewed statistics, falsified data, and manipulated “conclusions” published for any medicine than there has been for vaccines, please let it be known. From the fake polio vaccine to the mercury-loaded flu shots, more health detriment comes from inoculations than any other form of “medication,” thanks to the FDA (fraudulent drug approvals) and the CDC (center for disease creation).

Now that vaccine “hesitancy” (non-insanity) has more than 50% of Americans saying “absolutely not” to all Covid jabs, the fake, falsified and “Full FDA Approval” is coming next, to try to reassure the refusers that the blood-clotting, heart-inflaming deadly Covid inoculations are once again “safe and effective,” which means unsafe and defective. Their slogan is always the exact opposite of the dangers and the effects.

This fake “Full FDA Approval” will switch the Covid vaccines out of “medical experiment” mode and back their “local level” push for mandatory, gunpoint vaccination campaigns. This is what’s next, local level push, because the gangster mafia DC thugs can’t seem to enforce their toxic jabs on gun owners and landowners who know better and aren’t “hesitant,” but rather 100% sure vaccines are nothing short of a death wish.

CoVax Syndrome now more than obvious around the world, so the “local level” push won’t get much traction

Yes, Covid Vaccine Syndrome (CVS) is sweeping the nation. As more large company employers are requiring Covid jabs for continued employment, more people are wandering around wondering why they feel lethargic all the time, and confused and anxious. Their blood is clogging and their heart is inflamed, stressed to the maximum trying to pump blood past all the spike proteins that cling to blood vessels and cause blockages. Ten times worse than fibromyalgia, over 400,000 jabbed Americans have reported horrific side effects and adverse events that last not for a day or days, but for weeks, months, and some aren’t going away (blindness, deafness, loss of motor skills).

The CDC is attempting to bury these reports, but they’re popping up faster than they can delete them.

Just check VAERS daily and you will see. All injuries caused by vaccines, including blood clots, heart inflammation, and death, are misdirected away from the vaccines and the vaccine manufacturers by every MD in the country. That is why the FDA and the CDC desperately need their fake “full approval” for vaccines, so they can reassure the “vaccine hesitant” Americans that everything is just fine and dandy, so it’s “safe” to go get your death jab.

Has your employer announced yet that Covid vaccines will be mandatory for you to keep your job? They will soon.

The calls are mounting for “Full FDA Approval” of the most toxic inoculations ever created on Earth, and yes, we’re talking about the China Flu jabs. Vaccine manufacturers fake efficacy testing all the time. There are zero checks and balances for the industry, so nobody else is testing these vaccines for safety or efficacy. Nobody. No independent labs are allowed to use the patented formulas used for spreading disease. Only the CDC and the FDA are allowed to get their hands dirty.

That’s another reason the Covid vaccines are dirty vaccines and must be forced onto the mases by their employers; otherwise anyone who knows anything about vaccine ingredients and adverse events would avoid them like a plague (because they are).

All Covid vaccines right now are labeled “Medical Experiment” and fall under “Emergency Use Authorization” (EAU).

This is to blame for “vaccine hesitancy,” another term for people who know vaccines are deadly, and much more so than any lab-made flu the globalists are spreading around.

Vaccines are the pandemic. Even healthcare professionals, doctors, surgeons, pediatricians – most of them know NOT to get the vaccines themselves (or lie and say they did). At least 50% of healthcare workers avoid vaccines unless they don’t have a choice...

The next phase of the plandemic is to get a fake “Full FDA Approval” for Covid vaccines and then have as many employers as possible make them mandatory. 

The psycho Democrats in DC think they might get another 10% of America inoculated by this fully-coercive and illegal method. At the same time as the fake “Full FDA Approval” is issued, the Delta Variant (also made in a lab and released this year) will blanket the fake MSM news everywhere. Fear and emotions are everything when conning sheeple into taking deadly medicine.

In May of 2020, the Fraud & Deception Agency (FDA) issued 84 EUAs to applicant businesses and laboratories. There is no real approval of any Covid vaccines, and there are no safety or efficacy tests being run, because they’re simply not needed, and the vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued for anything, ever, by anyone (thanks to Congress).

Are you suffering from CoVax Syndrome? Covid-19 vaccines are not safe or effective; they’re unsafe and defective


Visit: Nuremberg Code (Directives for Human Experimentation) - Office of Research Integrity (

if you already got a dirty jab or two and feel like you’re sick and dying...

Then call an attorney. 

Also check out for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming vaccine holocaust.

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